What we do

The setting in which we live is an area that everyone should focus its attention on. It reflects of our personality, our “way of life”, the interpretation of what we think the place where we come to relax should be. The main purpose is that we and the friends we host feel comfortable.

Our business is to help you to achieve this goal.

You are or want to be owner of a house or apartment in our unique region. We are in the mountains and you might want to match your interior to this environment. We are designers who believe that it is possible, with reasonable cost, for you to create such a place.

Whether in the mountains, at the sea or in town, in a contemporary, classical style or a mixture of both, you want your interior to blend with its surrounding.

Our primary goal is not to try at all costs to see our creations in magazines. What we like about our job is to share our views with our customers, make suggestions and together achieve the desired result: a place where we love to stay.

When possible, we like to intervene as soon as the construction or conversion starts. Some details can make the difference. But it can also be a simple “lifting” like changing sofas, curtains, replacing some furniture, or lighting.

Whatever your project, be sure to take a tour of our showroom. We are happy to make suggestions to create an atmosphere where you will feel at home.

Who can also check out our brochure.